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Bitcoins make online casinos extremely popular

Bitcoins make online casinos extremely popular

Bitcoins make online casinos extremely popular

19 August 2017

On the night of August 14 to August 15, bitcoin reached its all-time high of $4482. It led to a significant increase of value of online casino user accounts. Bitcoin deposits brought huge incomes regular players: $100 turned into $80000 and more. Maxim Krupyshev, a co-founder of Cubits blockchain project, confirms this fact: gamblers like bitcoin and a lot of gambling brands will integrate a cryptocurrency payment option pretty soon.

European gambling brands are gradually switching to cryptocurrencies. The share of bitcoin payments in some casinos is 80% of all financial operations. They also have a large amount of players with bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is appealing to gamblers due to the following reasons: it can be stored on mobile gadgets; it allows to play on various platforms, immediately transferring money among them; increase in cryptocurrency value multiplies a deposit sum. Considerable advantages.

Bitcoin boom leads to increasing popularity of casinos operating with cryptocurrencies. Authorities of many countries realize that the value growth of digital currencies and blockchain technologies is inevitable. In particular, Malta wants to integrate bitcoin into the gambling industry officially. This country sets gambling trends, thus it will be followed by other states in case of successful implementation of cryptocurrencies.

On October 12, at Riga Gaming Congress 2017, Maxim Krupyshev will reveal in detail how and why one should integrate bitcoin in the gambling business. Register for the event following the link:

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