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09:00 -10:00

Coffee break & Registration of the participants
Coffee break
  • Coffee break

09:45 -10:00

Opening speech
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10:00 -12:00

Moderator of business section part 1
Carlo Pagan
  • Carlo Pagan
  • Casino Campione D'Italia
  • CEO

10:00 -10:30

Legislations in Latvian gambling industry and comparison with the experience in the UK

Within his presentation, the speaker will focus on key legal aspects affecting gambling; reveal advantages and disadvantages of active policy in the state; give tips on its improvement based on UK gambling experience.


Steve Donoughue
  • Steve Donoughue
  • Gambling Consultant

10:30 -11:00

Casino marketing

Carlo Pagan will tell the audience about the key elements of marketing strategies for business growth.    

Carlo Pagan
  • Carlo Pagan
  • Casino Campione D'Italia
  • CEO

11:00 -11:30

Tendencies in land-based and online casino on Latvian market and worldwide

His presentation will be dedicated to land-based and online casinos both in Latvia and worldwide. He will tell the audience about the development of Latvian gambling business and compare it with other countries. 


Francisco Javier Vidal Caamano
  • Francisco Javier Vidal Caamano
  • Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos
  • COO - Director of Operations

11:30 -12:00

The Rise of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Europe

While the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sector has attracted much attention in recent years, especially in the US, it has started to show good potential in becoming a successful new product in other markets around the globe.

Benjamin Carlotti
  • Benjamin Carlotti
  • OulalaGames
  • Managing Director

12:00 -12:30

Fixing and Cheating in Fantasy games and e-sports

At the conference, the speaker will present analytics of fantasy and e-sports markets; using various cases he will also reveal ways of match-fixing and types of fraud, as well as give advice on fighting unfair game.

Francesco Baranca
  • Francesco Baranca
  • Federbet
  • General manager

12:30 -13:30

  • Lunch

13:30 -14:30

Moderator of business section part 2
Vladimirs Remi
  • Vladimirs Remi
  • Founder

13:30 -14:00

State Regulation of Gaming Business

Michael Boettcher will speak about various options of state regulation of the industry based on examples of legislation in such countries as Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia. Speaker will provide examples of the proper approach, telling about the benefits for the state and community and how the social risks could be minimized significantly.


Michael Boettcher
  • Michael Boettcher
  • Storm International
  • President

14:00 -14:30

Licensing and account opening in Latvian gambling business

Main points of the presentation:  financial regulation in gambling on the territory of the EU;  licensing procedure for gambling facilities in Latvia;  opening of accounts for gambling business.

Vladimirs Remi
  • Vladimirs Remi
  • Founder

14:30 -15:00

Do casinos need marketing? Methods of evaluating casino brand value

The presentation touches the issues related to casino brand building strategies, how casino value influences basic financial and gambling components of a casino, ways of further development for a land-based casino.

Vasily Stepanov
  • Vasily Stepanov
  • Belaya Veja casino
  • Development director

15:00 -18:00

Moderator of bitcoin section
Max Krupyshev
  • Max Krupyshev
  • Head of Crypto Business at Cubits

15:00 -15:30

Ethereum for Gaming Industry

Blockchain is reshaping the world of online gambling and opens new market opportunities.
At the conference, the speaker will tell which opportunities are opened for gambling industry by decentralized blockchain technologies and using DAO.Casino's first-of-kind Game Channel technology and Ethereum smart contracts, 

DAO.Casino protocol covers all parties in the gambling industry. It allows them to interact without trusting each other. This is needed for a decentralised resilient market to function.  
How removing the need of trust in the entire online gambling can enable new business models and open up new markets, and eventually change the industry itself.
Why, because these systems allow people to cooperate on a massive scale

Join Aleksandra where she’ll demo DAO.Casino’s developer protocol and games and describe how to be the first to new market

Aleksandra Fetisova
  • Aleksandra Fetisova
  • Project Manager

15:30 -16:00

Cryptocurrency and its role in Gaming

The main topics covered in the presentation bitcoin transactions for various types of wallets: review; ways of storing and using bitcoins for players; speed of bitcoin payments; protection of cryptocurrency payments against fraud and cyber-attacks; risks of operators; relations with a regulator and banks.


Max Krupyshev
  • Max Krupyshev
  • Head of Crypto Business at Cubits

16:00 -16:30

Decentralizing Gaming Commerce

Trading capabilities for game and in-game items by building and integrating a trade platform using the latest technologies. Enhancing the ability for gamers to buy, sell trade games including in-game items safely.

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli
  • Viktor Romaniuk Wanli
  • Kinguin
  • CEO

16:30 -17:00

Real Money Trading in Games: Cryptocurrency Solution

Thesises of the speech: Real money trading has a long history in the game industry, and has been historically banned or discouraged by most Western game developers and publishers, especially in the case of MMORPGs. A few examples of Trading and Market implementations in real games. Problems of implementation real money trading. Cryptocurrency as a possible solution. Lordmancer II as an example of such implementation.

Ilya Mikov
  • Ilya Mikov
  • Active Games
  • Co-Founder

17:00 -18:00

Panel discussion Latvia&Malta: Where innovation meets regulation, parallel to Latvian reality
Guntars Pupelis
  • Guntars Pupelis
  • Vice President of Sales
Eman Pulis
  • Eman Pulis
  • Founder & CEO
Jakub Kolomičenko
  • Jakub Kolomičenko
  • Endorphina Ltd
  • Head of Legal
Max Krupyshev
  • Max Krupyshev
  • Head of Crypto Business at Cubits

18:00 -18:15

Closing speech
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