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Online gambling trends in 2018

Online gambling trends in 2018

Online gambling trends in 2018

06 February 2018

Online gambling has nothing to complain about the last two years as its market is constantly increasing. According to the H2 Gaming Capital consultancy, globe’s total profit of iGaming rose from $35.6 b in 2015 up to $42.4 b while $46.1 is expected in 2018. Compare: as far back as 2011, the gross revenue was estimated at $23.9 b.

Stable development of the industry inspires gamers to improve their skills as well as attract new clients and retain loyal customers presenting them an incredible experience. So, what will developers and marketers pay attention to in 2018 iGaming? Look through the list of key trends of online gambling for the current year.

Live dealers

Despite gaming tables serviced by live dealers aren’t know-how in gambling, they have been popular since 2006. Previously, such possibility was a rarity but today, more than 20 software game developers are ready to offer this option.

It’s pretty obvious that the option will not lose its popularity: live dealers socialize iGaming and make it look like a real casino parlor so gamers prefer such tables more and more. On the whole, live dealers are on trend.

VR/AR gambling

Currently, few gambling platforms offer VR/AR casinos since fulfillment of such service requires specially designed expensive equipment from both sides (platform – client). However, the more the technologies are developed, the better the conditions will be and the cheaper equipment will become so VR gambling platforms will grow in number.

Why will this trend be attractive to more and more businesses? The answer lies in the fact that a gamer finds in VR casino a chance to immerse in the real atmosphere of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas to the fullest.

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Brand slots

Gambling machines based on ‘Westworld’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Indiana Jones’ as well as other famous films and computer games cause a greater stir compared to unknown characters. Why? Because we love them, it’s a brand. They make a game more exciting and a well-known plot rocks.

Since both cinematography and entertaining IT industry keep their eye on the current situation and the character’s psychology remains the same, brand slots will be on trend, analysts predict.


What features are characteristic to a blockchain-based cryptocurrency? A – payments transparency, B – no financial regulation at state level. Both factors appeal to iGaming fans. That is why gambling platforms started to actively introduce bitcoin transactions into payment services.

This possibility is profitable for both sides. Gamers get a payment guarantee and a high rate, operators boost loyalty and attract new customers.

By the way, this year, blockchain and bitcoin are a priori on trend. Hence, cryptocurrency in iGaming will also be popular.


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