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Online gambling and betting markets Europe

Online gambling and betting markets Europe

Online gambling and betting markets Europe

11 September 2017

Gambling and betting on the online arena are gaining popularity across the world, but European market is among the most promising. Analysts say that it amounted to 17% of the global market in the spring of 2016. Even under the pressure from separate state regulators, its growth is gaining pace.

Credence Research predicts the significant leadership of the European operators in the gambling segment at least till 2025. In addition, global market is expected to reach $60bn by 2025.

Among the main factors of the European leadership is also a more strict policy towards gambling in other regions of the world. For example, China and India banned online gambling and betting. Thus, one of the most populated regions came to be unchallenged.

There’re other reasons, nonetheless. Casino, games, and betting in the web are closely related to innovations and skillful work of the developers, which is always something of a high level in the EU countries. In 2015, revenue of the global market in this industry reached $40.7bn, whereas more than 47,6% of this amount accounted for the European segment.

In the spring of 2016, H2 Gambling Capital specialists supposed that European online gambling market will increase 22% by 2020. Moreover, land based services market will not be affected, as the offered services are targeted on different type of the consumer audience.

Results of 2015 showed that betting was the most popular product in the European online gambling segment – 37%, while online poker came second – 24%, and casino accounted for 12% of the total amount.


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