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Machine predicting football match outcome

Machine predicting football match outcome

Machine predicting football match outcome

12 July 2017

Can a robot replace a sports analyst? UK Stratagem, accepting bets on football, believes that it is real. The company is preparing to work with artificial intelligence that will learn how to predict match outcomes.

Currently, Stratagem is working on AI solving the simpler task: partial automation of the betting process. 65 people across the globe are engaged in collecting the data base for system training.

Stratagem’s new project will be dedicated to the development of a neural network predicting match results. It would be a revolution both in high-tech and betting sectors.

Theoretical underpinning of the innovation is already ready: Andreas Koukorinis, founder, believes that one can define certain predicted patterns of the combination of several thousands of sports matches. If putting them into artificial intelligence, it will be able to predict an outcome of a sports competition with high accuracy, monitoring its broadcasting.

To develop this project, the company has managed to invite investments of more than 25 million pounds, which indicates of development relevance once again. Currently, analysts are making forecasts for matches, but this service is pretty expensive with prediction accuracy being not always high.

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